Our Mission

We believe that technologies must be unified. „Separate Islands “-Style is not suitable any more in order to master current and future challenges, which getting always more difficult than ever before. We are dedicated to provide our customers with complete solutions, in order to let them focus on their own business-cores. This why we created the „IT Union “as an umbrella to unify different services and technologies. Our main mission is not differing from worldwide service and mobile operators, which is good. But instead we are focusing on providing the complete solutions instead of selling SIM cards and connectivity.

Although “IT Union GmbH” was founded in 2015, but the members under its umbrella are mostly much older, like Starware & AVL. „Starware.com“ was founded 1992 & „AVL.net“ in 2005.


The Internet of Things changes everything and smart devices today bring a new level of complexity in design, test, performance monitoring, and security. IoT-Platforms are not the solution; they are only part of the challenge. That is why we focus on turning business concepts into realities without the hassle of software’s compatibility and different systems integration. Whatever industry you’re in, IoT technology has the power to transform your business. with our expertise at your side, We offer a wide range of solutions to help you simplify IoT. You can trust our team as business partner and rest assured that every element of your project will run smoothly and whatever your business is, you’ll get a solution from us.

“Your success is ours”.



Computer-Vision & Smart-Bots are the pillars of this division. Detecting, Recognition to alert or track an action is the most used way in our “Computer-Vision”-Applications. Chatting in written & speech like smart bots (For example: Alexa) is the 2nd pillar. The big advantage here is, that our system is made and hosted in Europe, which makes it GDPR-conform (General Data Protection Regulation). Combining both pillars with robotics opens completely new and huge horizons to use in. And this is our new project, which will be offered on 13th February 2020 in the “Digital Demo Day” in Düsseldorf.

Security & Support 

Information & Cyber-Security was the first service of Starware. This part is much more important nowadays. Starware Security Team was honored many times by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, … etc. Some of our team are working now in these companies. Not bad, we are creating continuously ethical hackers to serve you at the best human possible level, apart from your firm size. Having an incident? No problem, you’re just a call away from us.

OTH, we’ve an outstanding support team, who can help you forward. It is not just a Help-Desk. Our engineers/technicians have at least 10 years’ expertise in all of our divisions. So, if you may have any trouble in server environment, you’ll get one of the team of our own data center. The same in networking & so on.

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